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Our Customers Say
"I was very pleased with your work, especially the fine color restoration of my Persian rug. "
Darian, Brookville

Rejuvenate Your Furniture

When dust and bacteria accumulate in the upholstery of your furnishings, it can affect the life of your sofa or armchair - dirt and grime can create wear and make it look dingy and old. You might believe a new sofa or armchair is necessary - but first, trying a professional deep-clean is wise.

Whether your upholstery is dirty, stained, faded or simply due for a cleaning, having it cleaned professionally can bring back the color and beautiful style that made you purchase it for your home in the first place. And as for the bacteria, allergens and bugs that collect deep in the structure of the piece, a home vacuum will simply not remove them. A professional clean is needed.

At our free, no-obligation appointment, we can give you an exact price and discuss the services you are interested in: steam cleaning, shampoo cleaning, deep cleaning or dry cleaning.

Every Item Gets Special Care

Our highly-trained cleaning crews use advanced, powerful equipment together with gentle organic cleaning solutions - our cleaning is deep and yet will leave your upholstery with a good feel and refreshed colors.

Stains, dirt and dust your sofa once held are washed away and any infestation of bedbugs, dust mites, fleas, lice and other insects are removed. Allergens, mold and mildew - all allergy triggers - are gone. 

We have special methods to take care of leather upholstery, using conditioners that help your furniture stay supple and shiny while adding another level of protection.

 Experts in Upholstery Cleaning

A “green” clean - organic cleaning products are used exclusively, making our treatments safe for all upholstery types - but mostly because non-toxic cleaning solutions are a part of our commitment to keeping your family, pets, and the environment healthy. 


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